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-Farnsworth Family, Washington, DC

"Aureum really cares about our family and goes above and beyond for my kids."

-Darrell Maxwell, IT Consultant 

"Aureum has a strong business acumen and technical skills. They are dedicated, motivated, diligent and hard working."

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-Gardner Family, Washington, DC

"What sets Aureum apart is their commitment to their clients. They have been there for us at all times of the day countless numbers of time." 

-Darius Baker, University of the District of Columbia Workforce Development Site Director

"Joyce is a top-tier teacher at our workforce development program. Her students get results. We can count on Joyce to gets things done."

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-Sonja Simms, Certified Assistant Project Manager

"Joyce was my professor at UDC. We all felt that she was really there for us. She makes you believe that you can achieve. "

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