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Whether your business’s goal is to eliminate project failure, or increase quality to enable positive customer experience, our business management solutions help your business improve performance by tightening integration across multiple projects and implementing procedures and techniques to get you to your preferred project life cycle. Our business management solutions include:


  • Program Management and Project Management

  • Strategic Planning

  • Business Process Improvement and Re-engineering (BPI/BPR)


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Your business’s information and data are the most valuable commodities it owns. How your business manages and allocates information and data is vital to your business’s long-term growth. Our IT solutions foster sharing and learning within your business in an integrated and collaborative way to create, capture, organize, access and utilize your information and data.  Our IT solutions include:


  • Project and Program Management

  • Data Management

  • Information Assurance


Team members and managers in businesses and organizations often wonder why, despite possessing the requisite “hard skills,” they continue to struggle with communication, motivation, and problem solving. Our training solutions focus on improving interpersonal and people management skills as well as certain technical skills. Our training services include: 


  • Organizational, Technical, Leadership, Diversity

  • Corporate Speech Pathology, Soft Skills, Linguistic Multiculturalism, Accent Reduction

  • Comprehensive Therapeutic Services

  • Microsoft Office Applications

  • Computer –Based and Web-Based (CBT/WBT)

  • Medical Documentation Compliance


An organization’s structure and processes are only as good as how they make team members feel. Our organizational development solutions are tailored to meet the requirements of your unique situation. While implementing change is never easy, our tools and techniques help create an environment of trust so that team members can embrace change. Let us help your organization improve personal, group and organizational effectiveness. Our organizational development solutions include: 

  • Team Building, Executive Coaching, Professional Development

  • Project Management and Agile Methodologies

  • Organizational Change Management


Our clinical experience, combined with our program and project management solutions, deliver results that make a real difference for our clients in the healthcare industry. Our healthcare therapies focus on improving preventive, rehabilitative, curative and palliative care in communities throughout the DC metropolitan region. Our healthcare therapies include:

  • Speech therapy

  • Occupational therapy

  • Physical therapy

  • Behavioral therapy


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